SXSWi, or There and Back Again

To go to South By Southwest Interactive and come back again is like coming back from the future…
A future hippies would have dreamed of, if they hadn’t been afraid of Big Brother.

One thing that hits you is that although it is a technology-based conference, technology is not the issue – it’s just there, and if the weather forecast for the use of cloud services were to tell you where the thickest density of webbased cloud servicesĀ is, Austin in the days of SXSWi is by far the most clouded city in the world.

I have been thinking a lot about what I thought was the biggest theme @SXSWi, and the word that comes to me is motivation… or if you like Big Brother; manipulation – funny how those words sounds alike.

But the fact is that social media has moved the computer away from the money-driven paradigm and into a more broad nursing of our lizard brain, or even more sneaky – playing the desires of the lizard brain against the needs and rationalities of the pre-frontal cortex.

Where the triggered the fantasy that “if we build it, they will come” – and we will be rich, the version 2 has taken the human behavior into the equation and hired cognitive scientists.

Trends to trigger the lizard inside you:

Doing good.
If the deal to do good is simple, you WILL choose it.

Community driven encouragement.
If the recognition is there, you WILL do it.

Unbroken feedback loops.
If the feedback is instant, you WILL use it.

The gaming factor.
If the factor is right, you WILL play it.

Time limit.
If the timing is right, you WILL run for it.

Morality contracts.
If the contract is resonable, you WILL sign them, and doing so, you WILL behave more honorably.

It was a long journey back from SXSWi, the city in the clouds. But going there I learned that the borders between man and computers are fading fast. And net behaviors are influencing the way we act in real world senarios; Shopping, doing sports, education, customer care, crowdsourcing – and a lot of new trends and buzz words will likely follow soon. We will investigate them further here!

The future will be highly addictive. Viewer discretion is advised!

My name is Thomas and I WIIL be an internet addict

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