Making the RaZberry work on my RapberryPi

OK – I ended up starting over and reinstalling Raspian Jessie and using the tutorial from This also guide you through installing HABmin that gives you a web interface for connecting and configuring z-wave devices.

This guide from tells you how to install OpenHab in a better way

The only thing missing in this tutorial is that you need to make a openhab.cfg file the configurations directory, by copying openhab_default.cfg

You do that from the terminal by typing:
sudo cp /opt/openhab/configurations/openhab_default.cfg /opt/openhab/configurations/openhab.cfg

This guide from tells you how to make z-wave work, now I didn’t want to start out by enabling my multi sensor but instead I started out by playing with my Fibaro smoke sensor – go and see later post.

The two above links from don’t have the enabling og SMB shares – however you can find those guides the link I have posted earlier. Keep in mind that the installation of OpenHAB now is in the /opt directory and your share definition now must be:

[OpenHAB Home]
comment= OpenHAB Home
only guest=no
create mask=0777
directory mask=0777

You also need a user since the openhab user isn’t uses in the opt installation you need to decide if you want that.
You asign a SMB user  by typing:
sudo smbpasswd -a [username]

So far these sites have been helpfull: 

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