Home automation

For the last 2 years I have been using Indigo Domotics and have been very satisfied with that. It’s a very easy way to start building home automation and getting something to work fast for testing an automation concept. However I want to move to some hardware with a smaller footprint instead of my mac mini. So I have decided to try out OpenHAB for Raspberry Pi

The internet of things are coming to a house near you, in a future not so far away any more…

Wake me up slowly

In the winter I love to sleep in a cold bedroom around 17° – but it doesn’t make it easier to get up in the morning. So what I have done is I have bought a STELLAZ Thermostat and taken one of my Philips HUE lights to generate a sunrise in my bedroom. So far I am using my Indigo Domotics to set the alarm for when I want to get up. Two hours before the alarm I start heating my bedroom to 21° and 20 minutes before the alarm i slowly turn up the light from a dark blue going to purple then orange and finally white until it is at 65%

So far I think this has been the home automation project that has meant most for my everyday life, and of course I reverse it in the evening to create a sunset.

Why your vacuum cleaning robot needs a brain

When I think about then the thing I hate most about vacuuming is not necessarily the time I need to spent on it – it’s more about the noise… – and then the time I need to spent on doing it because we have a cattery and way to many cats not to vacuum a lot !

So I got myself and old iRobot roomba 555 a couple of years ago, just before I started all this home automation. And of course with the cats I will never be able to not vacuum anymore ever, but it turned out that I still have to listen to all the noise when it was driving around. Then of course I can time to only fool around – because it does that – but somehow it not how it’s supposed to work with a robot. Just clean, when you are on your own and don’t bother me about it – that is more like it should be!

So I got myself a RooWifi board for my Roomba, and luckily somebody have made a plugin for Indigo Domotics server. Until recently my Roomba have only been fooling around when we are not at home as it is triggered only to clean when we are away using this nice location php script that can locate my iPhone.

Unfortunately my Roomba performed a lobotomy on itself not so long ago and somehow managed to break of and ruin the RooWifi board. So lets see maybe the new Roomba 900 from iRobot with wifi will replace it soon.

If you wan’t to avoid the lobotomy scenario look at this page http://homematic-forum.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17168